Every newly engaged couple is looking for that one of a kind thing to make the big day memorable, and adding magic as the special entertainment for your wedding guests is a perfect choice! If you are looking for the perfect wedding magician and performer- you have arrived.  Every year, I have folks approach me when I am out and about to share their favorite magic memory from a wedding that happened several months later. We can provide flexible, family-friendly, interactive, comedy magic entertainment in several forms.

One awesome couple recently took advantage of having a magician to kick off the wedding reception in a fun way at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel and provided a very fun evening for their guests and for me. I even had the pleasure of sticking around after the cocktail hour performance. I wanted to celebrate with the bride and groom when they arrived to the reception and share a special magical effect just for them to celebrate two lives becoming one.  I have been a wedding magician since I was in high school. One favorite memory was was being a magician for an old-fashioned wedding at the Millikin Homestead. So with that in mind…

What will magic do for your wedding day?

  • Make your wedding even more memorable. People remember where they were when they saw the impossible.
  • Engages your guests and immediately, getting them having fun with each other and breaking the ice.
  • Stops them from getting restless during the down times, like when the photos are being taken.
  • Makes people smile much more, which in turn will improve the look of photographs.
  • Gives something back to your guests as a thank you for attending.

We may be booked to perform at your wedding in a couple of ways:

1) Walk-around magic

The best idea for incorporating a touch of magic to your event is with a performance (typically) in a more informal reception setting – perhaps after the main ceremony and while photos are being taken for a cocktail/social hour.

The Amazing Dudley will “work the room” by moving from group to group, giving short and hard-hitting performances of magic along the way.

2) Table Magic

As the name suggests, this is close up magic, performed while you and your guests are seated during the wedding reception, typically after every guest is finishing up dinner. The Amazing Dudley will go from table to table, giving each group a mini performance of magic right under their noses (of course, pausing during the all important speeches)!