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Consider adding strolling or table magic for your next event- a very versatile form of magical entertainment.  What’s the difference, you ask?  What your guests are doing.  

Strolling magic:

Strolling magic adds a very unique and memorable touch to any event.   Strolling magic is magic performed “on the go”.  Picture an outdoor street fair or festival, or a cocktail hour, where your guests are standing or walking around, perhaps going from place to place (booth to booth, display to display, etc.) or socializing with one another.  The magician comes up to a few people at a time, introduces himself, and asks the guests if they would like to see some magic.  He performs a few tricks just for them, and then he moves on to another small group.  This is a great way to work some extra entertainment into your large event.

Table Magic:

Table magic is strolling magic, only done at tables.  Picture the beginning of a wedding reception, an outdoor picnic, or perhaps a cocktail hour, or any similar event, where your guests are sitting at tables, waiting for a main event.  Many times, guests are seated at tables where they may not necessarily know others at the table.  Adding table magic is not only a wonderful icebreaker for your guests, it’s also a way to provide another personalized, and very classy, gift of memories for your guests.

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