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Children sitting at school assembly

Have a message that you want to get across to your students? In order for the message to be memorable, the presentation has to be one that connects with your kiddos on their level. Magic, and light-hearted, funny magic in particular, is great for connecting with the students to make your message pop. The Amazing Dudley is a professional entertainer who has worked with kids for years. He has done several assemblies, including the following types:

  • Anti Drug DARE
  • PBIS promotion
  • Anti-bullying
  • Reward shows
  • Family nights
  • Special events
  • Recycling
  • Day Care
  • Reading

Our Magical Assemblies

Corporate & Holiday,Christmas and New Years Event Entertainment Magician

Corporate events today must deliver the maximum impact with a lasting impression. Amazing Dudley is a professional, family-friendly event entertainer who will make any company or holiday event extra memorable.  Your guests will enjoy Justin's [...]