How much do you charge?2016-10-12T14:53:30-05:00

This is one of the first questions that everyone asks.  Please call us for a quote, but before you call, let’s talk about what you should consider when you’re considering your investment.  Yes, hiring entertainment is an investment, because when you hire an entertainer, you’re hiring someone to help you make memories for your guests.  What is that worth to you?  You can pay for an entertainer at a super-low fee, but is that going to get you a quality, professional performer?  Probably not.  You get what you pay for.  If that super-low fee entertainer ends up being a total bore who’s not funny at all, you’ve wasted your investment in their memories.  A high-quality performer will cost a little more, but the memories made will last for years.  What is that worth to you?  We can tell you that we are very reasonably priced for the Central Illinois area, but at the same time, you’re getting a quality professional magician who will make your event memorable.  Give us a call, so we can discuss how we can help make your event a memorable one.  (PS, if running a corporate or community event, don’t forget that asking for sponsorships gives local businesses and organizations and even some churches a chance to invest in and get their name out to the community.  Many businesses welcome such an opportunity.)

Does he need anything?2016-10-12T14:53:11-05:00

A question to consider in return: how many people will be at your show and what kind of magic is being performed?  For smaller venues, The Amazing Dudley needs nothing except a space in which to perform.  He is a self-contained show and provides his own professional sound.  He does prefer his back to be to the wall and for outlets to be readily available just in case (he runs on batteries, but sometimes life happens).  For larger crowds, a stage area is always nice, as a raised platform allows your guests in the back to fully enjoy the show as much as the guests in the front.

How much space does he need?2016-10-12T14:52:51-05:00

The Amazing Dudley likes about a 10 ft x 10 ft area in which to move for his show, but more is always nice.  If you would like child guests to sit on the floor in front of him, please make sure they sit back about 8-10 feet as some illusions are better seen from slightly farther away.  This same guideline goes for adult guests who are near the performance area; a little space is good.

Does he do outside shows?2016-11-02T14:38:29-05:00

The Amazing Dudley is happy to perform for your festival, street fair, parade, park event, community event, etc.  For situations in which there is a choice between performing inside and outside, you might want to consider having the performance inside, as it’s more comfortable for guests and easier on the magic and sound equipment (and for the magician, who is often in a suit). 🙂  That being said, magic is fun no matter where it’s viewed.

What payment is accepted?2016-10-12T14:52:09-05:00

We currently accept cash and checks for payment.  Checks may be written to Amazing Dudley Magic.

When do I need to pay? Is a deposit required?2016-10-12T14:51:49-05:00

Payment is due the day of your event.  If paying ahead of time takes a burden off your shoulders, then feel free to mail in your check to PO Box 399, Blue Mound, IL 62513.  We do not require a deposit.

Do I need to tip?2016-10-12T14:51:25-05:00

We always appreciate a gratuity if you believe our services have been worthy of your investment and have added value to your event, but tipping is never expected.

What is your cancellation policy?2016-10-12T14:51:01-05:00

If you cancel your show 24+ hours before the event, there is no charge.  If you cancel within the 24 hours, you may owe us part or all of that fee, due to loss of other income we could have received that day.  Extenuating circumstances are always considered.  If you find you need to cancel within 24 hours of the event, just call us.  We have hearts. 🙂

May I post pictures of the event to social media?2016-10-12T14:50:37-05:00

Only if you share!! 🙂  (Just kidding…  Kind of…)  We would love for them to be shared with us on Amazing Dudley Magic’s Facebook page, or at least tag us.

May I take video of the show?2016-10-12T14:50:16-05:00

No video, please.  Live in the moment.  Enjoy the magic. 🙂

How long is the show?2016-11-02T14:38:29-05:00

A standard “stage” magic show is 30 minutes long.  Likewise, strolling/table magic, balloons, and glitter tattoos are charged by the half-hour.  For most kids’ attention spans, this is plenty of time, and so we use this time allotment as a general guideline for billing purposes.  Sometimes The Amazing Dudley has too much fun and may go a little over, but that’s not usually planned.  We will sometimes consider 45-minute shows.

Do you charge travel fees?2016-10-12T14:49:16-05:00

If you live an hour or more from Blue Mound, IL, we will charge a pro-rated travel fee.  This is to help with the cost of gas, vehicle upkeep, any tolls, other necessities on the road, and time spent in travel that could have been spent performing.

Are you insured?2016-10-12T14:54:35-05:00

We are a fully insured vendor.  Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Do you do anything else besides magic at a show?2016-10-12T14:48:30-05:00

When a magician comes to perform magic, that is his sole task. He does not run birthday party games or play with the kids (of course, he loves talking to his young fans and welcomes conversations and questions!).

What other services do you offer?2016-10-12T14:46:45-05:00

Balloon animals:

What kid doesn’t like balloons? Many adults still dig them, too (the “cool” ones, of course), but they would never admit that. 🙂 Balloons make a unique party favor and offer an instant distraction for party guests. Kids love showing off the balloons that the magician made just for them! Balloon animals are a fun addition to other events, too, like street fairs, festivals, and other community events.

Glitter tattoos:

A new addition to our services, glitter tattoos are a hot new trend! Temporary, yet lasting long enough to get some enjoyment, glitter tattoos are fun, very cool looking, and a nifty reminder of your event for your guests for several days afterward. Not messy after drying, the guests can enjoy them through washings, and yet they are easily removed if desired, unlike facepaint, which usually needs to be washed off that same day.

Are there any bright lights or flashing during the show?2016-10-12T14:45:45-05:00

We want to be an inclusive show for all.  Sometimes, The Amazing Dudley may have one quick, bright flash of a contained fire, but not at every show.  If this is an issue for you or your guests, it is easily omitted.  Please talk to us.  We want all your guests to enjoy.

Are there any animals in the act?2016-10-12T14:45:07-05:00

No.  No rabbits, birds, etc., no mess in your area, and no allergic reactions.