It’s that time of year again, and many schools are looking for innovative ways to promote literacy and to generate revenue and excitement for reading.

Picture this: your students and their families, engaged in and having fun together at your family reading night program. They leave with a ton of books and are talking about the event for weeks to come.  The happy memories of the event will last way longer than those over-sized feather pens you spent way too much money on (and they didn’t even last a week) that you handed out last year.

Many schools have taken advantage of Amazing Dudley’s entertainment options. The principal of Enterprise Elementary had the great idea to combine both a magician and an amazing artist providing waterproof body art. That evening was a blast for all the guests and for us as well. They offered a light and simple dinner for the book fair. I was busy promoting the night’s events and sharing close up magic to small groups of people before sending them off to investigate what the school had prepared for them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Amazing was busy creating unique glitter tattoos and engaging with the students and adults in her long line of eager customers.

Option 1: Close up Magic

Close up magic is a perfect fit for your venue . We can bring the entertainment to ensure that your families truly feel included. I usually go to where the people are.  You can use close up magic as the perfect ice breaker during a light meal. This will get folks talking to one another about reading, their kids, and the magic to create a community environment. Every well-organized book fair strives to connect the students to books they want to read. Why not have a blast doing it with the Amazing Dudleys!

Option 2: Waterproof body art (aka “glitter tattoos”)

We offer glitter tattoos for your kids and families as a unique vehicle for parent/student interaction. Glitter tattoos allow your guests to pick a design and colors that make them smile. Glitter tattoos are the perfect lasting reminder of the fun they had at your reading event- they last up to five days. You can swim and shower and even read a book with them.

The more kids read, the better readers they become, and the more successful theyʼll be in school, in work, and in life. Let us make sure your guests are amazed and having fun at your family reading event.

Call the Amazing Dudleys today to make sure you reserve your date for your event. Whether it be the close up magic, customer balloon sculpture, or glitter tattoos, we can add a magical touch to your event!

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