Q: How do you tame a pack of wolves?

A: Just add a few Tigers, Bears, and Webelos, & their families, and then turn them over to magician Amazing Dudley!

OK, cheesy joke, but it’s true!

A professional magic show makes wonderful entertainment for your scouts and families!

Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet season is our favorite time of year!  I absolutely have a blast performing for tons of Cub Scout packs around central Illinois.  Most recently was for Pack 43 in Mt.Zion for a kick off to the popcorn fundraising season and fun pack meeting event.  Blue and Gold banquets are my favorite, because they are some of best audiences a magician could hope to perform for, and most are very high energy.  The Boy Scouts of America teaches every scout values and invaluable life lessons, and I am so honored, year after year, to be invited back to perform for some wonderful packs.  Sharing magic and illusion with scouts is awesome, because they are more curious than your average bear, and I’m proud to be a part of it!